Company Overview

Audioline was established under the original name „Audioline Electronic GmbH“ in the year 1976 as development, desing and production company of high-class loudspeakers. During the period of 1976-1997 company was oriented in various fields of consumer electronics including personal computers import and distribution in Germany and other EU countries as well as Eastern European countries.

In the year 1997 company was re-named into „Audioline Multimedia GmbH“ and turned the business into multimedia production services. In the early years of multimedia it was CD Video and CD-i, but already in 1998 Audioline as one of the first companies in Europe started multimedia production in DVD format.

Main area of business is oriented in corporate B2B market producing various business multimedia presentations on DVD media. Latest development of the company is focused on networked interactive multimedia presentation and information system called Fluidmedia.
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